CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E89 30-05-2016

Issues Discussed this week:

– Rob Sound of the Suburbs
– New time for Cab Chat through the summer
– UCG Demo 8th June
– Albany Taxi Charity Outing Monday 6th June
– UCG AGM Monday 6th June
– Is the Toyota Prius really environmentally friendly?
– Uber & Lyft possibly pulling out of Chicago
– New podcast from Rob Cardwell called KOL
– Chris Evans Top Gear aired last night?
– 24 days until the EU referendum, which way will you vote?
– PH Drivers are issued their license before their CRB is complete
– Steve Brown sad loss of his Son Liam (The Parrot)
– TfL Caught Bang To Rights Issuing PH licence Without CRB Check.
– Engagement policy splits the trade?
– The Ritz hotel using Uber. How do we combat the promo code brigade
– When is a private hire operator knocked on operator? When it’s a Server?
– Addison Lee descend on greater Manchester

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And Much More…….