Pam – The Cab Chat Cab

Pam is the Cab Chat Cab

The team at Cab Chat asked the listeners for suggestions for a name for the Cab Chat Cab and were offer many different names including:

Chatty Chatty Bang Bang
Lady CabChatterley
Green Badge Rocket
Chitter Chatter Cab

But the name that struck the team as extremely apt came from our very own Drop Kick Rick, who suggested we should call her Pam due to the teams, or rather SuperCabby’s Obsession with Pie & Mash.

And so it was deemed that the Cab Chat Cab would be known as Pam.

Pam even has her own Twitter account so that you can follow her on her travels

You will see Pam out and about around London and also taking part on nearly all of the UK Charity Outings during 2019.

Look out for Pam, if you see her about you can win a Goody Bag.

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