Paul Young – Wherever I Lay My Hat

Rob Cardwell’s Guilty Pleasure, he says this was the first record that he ever bought from Our Price in Eltham

Sweet Freedom – Michael McDonald

SuperCabby added this track into the mix as a Guilty Pleasure, said he doesn’t know why it is one of his guilty pleasures but he just likes the song


Perry Richardson from Taxi Point thinks this track is a corcker, He says you need music to get into a mood, he plays this track while at the gym, or when he used to play football, give you the energy to knock that tricky little winger flying off the pitch.

Nowdays he likes to have the cab windows down while sharing this classic with the people of the Cotswolds where he now lives, I am sure they must love that!

ELO – Mr Blue Sky 09-04-2018

Joe @TheHobornCab picked Mr Blue Sky by ELO

He said ” It reminds me of my childhood so much, I remember buying the single in a record shop in Southampton Row and then my mum bought me the Out of The Blue Album for my Birthday a few months later. I still have it somewhere. Makes me smile whenever I hear it”.

Dean Friedman – Lucky Stars 23-04-2018

Drop Kick Rick

Ricky said this song reminds him of his first Holiday Romance and every time he hears it he gets teleported back to Hayley’s Chalet

Le Zeppelin – Ramble On 15th May 2018

Jed Says:

Great show guys. Often listen to this one on  the way back home down the M20. One of the best Zeppelin tracks that stuck with me the first time I heard it. Playing it at home the other day( loud) and my 14 year old said wow what’s this dad. He’s now a Zeppelin fan. Cheers guys.

Bill Ocean – Red Light Spells Danger 31st May 2018

I’ve taken to singing it every time a nobby cyclist jumps a red light


Living In A Box – Living In A Box 04-06-2018

I picked this track because it reminds me of my flat that I live in.

James @GentlemanCabbie

Wishbone Ash – Throw Down The Sword 11-06-2018

The first album I bought.I think it’s worth waiting for the guitar riffs at the end. Turn up the volume


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