Items discussed this week:

– Robert Cardwell’s new podcast Sounds of the Suburbs
– Mick The Brit and The Late Shift
– SuperCabby Podcast New Series
– Face 2 Face name being changed to “The 2 Cabbies”
– We are looking for more London Taxi Radio Corespondents, we will supply you with a photo ID Press Pass and give you access to the LTR websites to upload articles, photos and videos. We will need your name, badge number, telephone number and a digital image of yourself.
– Facebook Group LondonTaxis
– Cab Chat Radio Show changing to 5 30 min podcasts per week one for each day
– Open Meeting tonight at Conway Hall by RMT at 7pm
– Demo on Wednesday 9th March on Foot 11am till 1pm
– Credit Card regulations, we want to hear your thoughts and views
– New App out called Anchor for recording soundbites
– Flash Demo of the Royal Lancaster Hotel on Thursday 3rd March
– Peter Hendy receives award for Outstanding Contribution to Transport Across London
– Lorry driver attacked while entering Calais, what would you do in his situation?
– Is it time the LTDA AdVan advert was changed to a more shocking advert?
– TFL condoning soliciting of minicabs

The Late Shift with Mick the Brit on Sunday mornings at 1am

And much More…..

Calls to the show this week from:

Bob Marley

Marc Turner @Drumslayer2

Surge Price @SurgePriceUK

Plus much More…………………

We have managed to locate Mr John Orme and we are hoping to interview him very soon.