CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW 62 04-01-2016


Issues discussed this week.

Uber branching out into the security industry

Sean word of the week

Regular call from our roving reporter @Drumslayer2

Call from Serge Price

Tweet from @DrumSlayer2

Comparing different coffee shops

Drivers should get involved with their Org’s

Congratulations to Samuel for being the first Knowledge student to get his Req in 2016.

City Hall 20th January 2016

What’s new with London Taxi Radio and what we have planned for 2016

Diesel price are on their way down, 99p per litre in Valance Road!

Video of the Cab Chat Radio show that went a little wrong.

How to “Get involved” with London Taxi Radio

Sean & The Clangers

Comparing Uber to the Clangers

Product placement in Video’s!

New Years Resolutions

2016 The Year of Positivity for the London Taxi Trade

Alleged that the Met are putting Taxi Drivers DBS checks to the back of the queue by someone on Twitter

Welcome to new followers on Twitter

Courtney Connell’s Knowledge 4 You Academy and free schooling for service veterans

We are trying to get hold of John Orme for an interview so if anyone can put him in touch with us we would really appreciate it.

And Much more………………

We would like to wish all our Listeners a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

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