Issues discussed this week:

Driver license renewals are taking far too long, why is it taking months for a CRB check to come through for Taxi drivers and yet TFL are managing to license 250 private hire vehicles per week?

George Galloway is running for London Mayor, he says he will “Run Uber out of town” But will he? We have heard false promises before from from Politicians.

George Galloway has agreed to be interviewed by LTR

Boris Johnson on LBC owned by a Taxi Driver, Johnny from Brixton and then ripped a new one by Nick Ferrari.

LCDC are proposing promotional adverts on the side of taxis
Back to Black campaign to make all London Taxis Black again with no external advertising

Joe Cartwright has agreed to get more involved with LTR, we are really excited by Joe coming on board so now there are 4 of us on the team it might not necessarily by SuperCabby & MacTheCab doing the show every week.

We still want more people to get involved with LTR, presenters, podcasts, roving reporters, photographers, cameramen.

The app fund has reached the grand total of £202 where it has stagnated! We need around £300 to be able to either buy and app or engage a developer to build it for us.

Get on Twitter campaign, the UCG have jumped on the Get on Twitter campaign and have had loads of stickers printed with the UCG logo and the message Get On Twitter

We are still getting prices for the Car Stickers. So far we have managed to almost half the cost so we are glad we didn’t go with the first quotes that we got originally.

A driver has approached us with the idea of doing a no holds barred rant type podcast, the driver wants to remain anonymous and the podcast will be called JohnnyCabRants, Twitter name and email addresses have already been set up so watch out for that on coming up soon.

George Galloway has said he will run Uber out of town! But how do we know he will stick to this?

Parisian Taxi Drivers have been demonstrating today

Prius’s still crashing all over London, who in their right mind would want to buy a second hand Prius? One careful Uber driver! Yeah right!

George Galloway interviews Steve MacNamara on Sputnik.

And Much More………

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