Items discussed this week:

Ian Beetlestone drives a Rainbow Cab which will take part in Pride this year

Uber drivers threatening to go on strike over 25% commission and too many drivers on the app

Boris Johnson Statement on capping minicab numbers in London and controlling rickshaws

Big enforcement campaign last weekend in London where some drivers were arrested for touting

Big Thank You to the drivers who have invested for our app so fare we have raised £169.00 just over half way towards the cost of the app

More and more drivers seem to be going back on Hailo

Hailo state only 1% of jobs go in private hire cars

Leaving big gaps on Paddington rank cos you wanna talk to your mate

Why do cyclists sit in the middle of a bus lane?

Mason & Collins radio show

What is the point of Get Taxi future orders?

Gett have now got dinosaur air fresheners!

Phil Nelson coming in on 1st June

Moon walk and tooting the women

@Taxicab14 tweeted that there was a drunk woman in Balham claiming to work for TFL trying to badge and bill taxi drivers

@TaxiCab_PR are worth a follow, tweeting lots of positive stuff about the trade

David R has made another great video about Uber drivers on Youtube, we will put the link no the website

Tour bus still being allowed to park in Victoria Station hindering taxi drivers trying to turn around to service the TFL marshalled rank

UCG Demo 26th May Windsor House, the LCDC are joining the demo

Taxi Drivers all over the country are having Demos on the 25th and then coming to London on the 26th

Beer in America called “Leg Spreader”

MODs drive on Woolwich for Lee Rigby Sunday

Young lady being stalked by Uber driver via Text Message

Unite asking Jo Bertram why she is advocating drivers breaking the law by working out of their area!

Germans have developed synthetic diesel to combat pollution

Cab App to launch touch technology and new app

Companies talking about leaving London due to traffic congestion

Empty buses everywhere, no more than 10 people on each!

Freemasons to take to Twitter

Eurovision Song Contest Semi Finals This weekend

SuperCabby & MacTheCab’s new format radio show. Both are London Taxi Drivers with 40 years driving London Taxis between them, they share their views and opinions of the London Taxi Trade interspersed with music and Jingles.