Minicab drivers on Taxi Ranks thinking they are Taxi drivers

Accredited London Taxi Radio correspondents

Nick @BGLDN did his first job ever on Friday night, congratulations to him

Peter Hendy’s lips! Apparently he has no lips?

Westminster Parking Wardens ignoring minicabs illegally parked

Westminster Parking Enforcement have closed their 24hr phone line and its now only 9-5

Ben E King died on Friday famous for singing Stand By Me

Uber banned in Brazil

Uber Banned in Portugal

Uber deemed illegal in Montreal

Uber raided in China

More and more Uber drivers seem to be asking Taxi drivers for directions

Uber Driver sends girl passenger a creepy letter!

Uber cars ranking at Luton Airport!

Mayfair Mob doing a grand job reclaiming the ranks in Mayfair

Iian Dale gave Jon Gaunt a fantastic review!

Christo tweeted Uber hit and miss, Black Cabs more consistent.

Prius knocked over and killed someone in Tooting Bec Road

Early hours of Saturday morning, looked like a PH vehicle

War Disabled trip to Arnhem in Holland, Return of the Liberators

Top Gear have approached Jodie Kidd, Philip Glenister (Life on Mars) and Guy Martin!

Why are Uber drivers asking for change? They don’t do cash jobs.

Arresting Uber Interview with Russell Howarth

Has anyone seen the 400 imaginary enforcement officers

More criticism of the “Cash Only Cabs”

Me London Hotel in the Strand ordering Minicabs when passengers are asking for a Taxi

Leave bad reviews on Trip Advisor for Hotels with Bent doorman who tell clients that Taxis are expensive.

Get Taxi changed their name to Gett

Have Get Taxi really got 6000 taxis in London

General Election this Thursday

Curry Club Wednesday Night at Russel Square Shelter 8:30pm

Lots of calls for Bob Oddy to resign

SuperCabby & MacTheCab’s new format radio show. Both are London Taxi Drivers with 40 years driving London Taxis between them, they share their views and opinions of the London Taxi Trade interspersed with music and Jingles.