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Saul’s New Breakfast Show on LTR launched this morning

Leon Daniels to retire from TFL towards the end of this year

National Day of Action on 25th September 2017 for the Taxi and Private Hire Trades

Trade Orgs finally get to meet Mike Brown after 8 months and 2 canceled meetings

Uber to charge passengers a 35p Green Fare supplement to update the fleet to hybrid or electric vehicles, but Uber does not own any vehicles

Taxifyt launches in London using unscrupulous methods to get around licensing

Taxify suspend London operations after a TFL investigation

Insurance companies unable to quote premiums for the new electric taxi due to not knowing the replacement costs of the batteries

New York Taxi medallion prices plummet due to Uber’s increased market share

My Taxi extend their half price fares until Sunday 5th November

Philip Kolvin Qc has a conflict of interest as the Mayors Night Time Commissioner as he is also representing Uber drivers allegedly being funded by Uber

Sadiq Khan tells LBC that he will not let his teenage daughters travel in a minicab on their own!

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