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Issues Discussed this week:

Travis Kalanick’s leave of absence from Uber

Reading prosecutes 2 Uber drivers for illegally plying for hire

TFL seems to tell the Government what to do.

Taxi Apps do not lobby in favour of our tariff. Gett show a total disregard for our trade reps who were unified in agreeing our tariff.

TFL dismisses the LTDA’s legal challenge even though they have a legal obligation to respond.

Steve Kennet Tesco/Uber article is quoted in the Daily Mail

Uber is mentioned in the Dr Who show which is blatant product placement, the BBC respond stating is is an acceptable term.

Joe launches his entertaining career

Taxi Driver takes passengers away from the danger zone during the terrorist attack only to be thanked by the passengers who said “we can get our Uber from here”

LTDA branch elections Wednesday 14th June.

And a lot more drivel

And much more………

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