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Issues Discussed this week:

Terror Attack on London Bridge on Saturday 3rd June 2017

Roy Larner

Hero Taxi drivers reveals how he tried to knock down 3 armed men with 12” knives as they went on a stabbing rampage

Speaking to LBC, he said: ‘I thought to myself, “I’m gonna try and hit them, I’m gonna try and mow them down”.

‘I spun the cab round, I was about to ram one of them, but they side-stepped and three police officers came running towards them with their batons drawn.

‘I was shouting at everybody, just get away from the area, stay back, just run the other way. There were a good few hundred people out there.’

ITA Call off Demo on Friday 9th June due to Terror Attack “We cannot be part of any hindrance or strain on the @metpoliceuk or security forces during this time of heightened national security levels”.

Uber Surge charge during Saturday’s terror attack while London’s finest once again transport people away from the area free of charge. One Uber driver tweeted, I was an Uber driver during the terror attacks and it tripled my fare. Surge up to 10X normal fare.

Other News

War Disabled Charity 100 Taxis leave Portsmouth bound for Normandy with War Vets on board.

Criminal Redords checks banned on foreigners who could be murderers or rapists if they have applied for asylum or refugee status.

TFL license foreign registered car as PH vehicle in London.

Sadiq Khan says “Terror Attacks are part and parcel of living in a big city” Is he for real?

Tesco teams up with Uber via its Clubcard, points can be redeemed against Uber rides

London Taxi PR call it a day due to lack of support from the trade

Nigel Bowen, Head Concierge at the Mandarin confirms his support for the London Taxi Trade to Roger Brown

Tradex pull out of the Taxi Fleet Insurance market and cherry pick for business.

Taxi insurance could rise due to the number of PH accidents & claims

LTC commission Khan Deaign to reimagine their TX4 as a last of line special edition in a bid to sell their remaining stock

ARRO launches in London, another corporate app aimed at Taxis

Uber Driver pulls u, next to Roshan Varma and says “its alright for you lot, at least you know where you’re going”

Taxi App files challenge against TFL relicensing Uber

TFL PH driver shits in the street behind his car and then picks something out of his shit, Drugs maybe?

NSL having servers delays due to their system going down again.

Electric Taxis

“If we take the easy line, as it seems government is doing, and use electricity as an “alternative fuel”, to power our taxis, vans and commuter vehicles in London and other cities, we will initiate regular blackouts during winter months. If all the 22,000 London Taxis (excluding minicabs) were made to run on electricity from the National Grid, these alone would require up to 8 Gigawatt hours/day; enough to supply a large city.”

Power Gen said last year that if their was cold winter their could be power cuts.! Then how do you charge EV’s?

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