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Issues Discussed this week:

Sad news of the atrocities in Manchester last night 22 dead and 59 hurt in suicide attack

What is being described as the most exclusive members clubs in London?

Drivers could be fined for moving out of the way to let an Ambulance through

Russell Hall joins Gett as head of driver services

GMB start the process for legal action against TFL

Do we really need a London Mayor?

Uber launch Gift Cards in the UK, just what you want for your birthday, a bit like giving someone a date with the Ripper

Cab App launch Taxi booking within the app again! Wonder if they will actually market it properly this time as Cab Apps marketing has been abysmal thus far

Cab App partners with MasterCard in a move to attract thousands of passengers

How much are these PH crashes costing the Met Police in wasted time and resources?

BBC drama Three Girls

LTR video of the first day of the Bank Junction Closure 2600 views

And a lot more drivel

And much more………

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Dave Davis

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