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@SuperCabby, @Iamcabman & @GentlemanCabbie

Guests in the Studio This Week:

Danny O’Connell


Issues Discussed this week:

Tottenham Hotspur in talks Uber over naming rights for the new White Hart Lane Stadium

LTDA solicitors send a 17 page letter to TFL pointing out why Uber should not be relicensed

Tweet of the week

MP3 format is official dead

Rob has taken over the LTR twitter feed and is making a fantastic job of it

Rob Suburban Rep interview coming up very soon

My Taxi offer 50% off during off peak times

New presenters sought for Cab Chat Radio Show

Special Guests in the studio today

Bank Junction closures start this month

City Airport charges to hit suburban drivers

Saul joins the LTR team

And a lot more drivel

And much more………

Callers to the show this week:

Brian from West London Knowledge School