CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E122 23-09-2017


Issues Discussed this week:

TfL staff continue to use Uber for business travel even after the employment tribunal hearing

RMT AGM tonight

LBC approach the LTDA for comment on Bank Junction but they failed to respond.

Uber to pay £20m to drivers for misleading on earning potential

London Stalling – report by the GLA

Bank Junc demos

Fare Pay have still failed to return my calls after 2 weeks

Massive problems with Verifone installations

More drivers leaving the trade every week

Lowest number applicants successful in getting on the knowledge ever.

Video on YouTube of an Uber passenger explaining that his driver was pulled over for driving a stolen car.

Highest number of new drivers in recent years, are TFL trying to artificially bolster numbers due to the high number leaving the trade

1074 badges handed back in 2016, highest number that I can remember

Vote of no confidence in Leon Daniels by UCG

LEON Daniels to speak about road safety on Tuesday at the Guildhall, maybe the cab race should give him a rousing reception

Uber cars displaying illegal illuminated signs in their windscreens in London

Paddy Babbit?

Allo Allo star Gordon Kaye dies at 75 today

Callers to the show this week:


And much more………