CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E111 24-10-2016

Hosted this week by:
@SuperCabby, @GentlemanCabbie, @SeanPaulDay & @MacTheCab

James @GentlemanCabbie has his first go at hosting Cab Chat Radio show, let us know what you think? We think he did very well for a first attempt.
Issues Discussed this week:
Having used Section 22 of the FOI Act to justify the time taking to collate sexual assault stats, looks like they will breach.

DEMO DEMO DEMO No less than 3 demos in 8 days, 2 Driver lead and UCG calls a 4th

TfL have decided to drop the requirement for Operators to have a land line saying they feel the consultation could have been filled out by aggrieved Taxi drivers

New van in town TAXIAPP

LCDC has a new Face Book page

Despite money matters. Is the Trade having the time of year it’s life?

Callers to the Show this week:

Surge Price


And Much More…………