CAB CHAT RADIO SHOW E100 18-07-2017


Issues Discussed This Week:
– George Osbourne gets the sack by Teresa May
– Uber to suspend operations in Hungary as Government blocks access to Uber App
– Oxford Street to close to traffic in 2020 where is all the traffic going to go?
– Enforcement spotted actually doing their job last Thursday at St Pancras
– LTFUC outing to Southend
– Albany Taxi Charity return to Margate
– East London Cabbies Outing great success
– Is London running out of roadspace?
– Has london become to expensive to live in?
– Has the new PH insurance regs had an effect?
– Amazing that Uber are lobbying TFL about the insurance regs!
– Dial A Cab SGM, what was the outcome?
– Uber offers in achievable £1000 referral fee in desperation for drivers
– How can a PH driver obtain his license and complete 20 jobs before the end of September when DBS checks are taking 18 weeks?
– Has anyone seen Leon the Liar? We hear he has been employed in Trafalgar Square to scare the pigeons away
– Paddington Pole brought down to earth to 14 story cube instead of 72 floors!
– 22nd-24th July London Cabbies and their families are invited to London Zoo FOC
– Trolling Uber users on Twitter!
– France has been heavily bombing Syria
– Thank you Londonist website for their support of the Black Cab Trade
– Credit Card Machines and restricted view out of the rear view mirror
– ARRO App to launch in London, according to Taxileaks its just what we need, still not a trade controlled app though is it.

Callers to this episode;

Grant Davis

@DrumSlayer2 tried calling in

Steve on the knowledge