Cab Chat Radio Show 21-10-2015
The 50th Cab Chat Show
Hosted this week by @SuperCabby, @MacTheCab & @MickTheBrit

Issues discussed this week:

Mac has sold his house.

SuperCabby going out to work in the cab.

Support Black Taxis appeal for the homeless.

Court ruling on Uber Meter Issue.

MickTheBrit makes history this week with Duncan Barkes broadcasting live from the back of Mick’s cab.

Fares Fair Mayor Campaign

Chaos at Paddington Station over the weekend.

Hairpiece Hendy

Tweet of the week.

Driver got s stop note for TX4 hubcaps on his TX2

Our most popular Podcast to date with 9500 downloads, you will be surprised which one it was.

Uber accidents become a daily event and Bus Crashes a weekly event.

8 weeks to Xmas and we wonder where the Winter Wonderland rank will be this year?

Cradle to Grave.

Potential Mayors are once again courting the London Taxi Trade.

The sharing economy , a saying hijacked by large corporates.

Mayfair Mob considering expanding into Chelsea & Fulham.

@DrumSlayer2 calls into the show.

@SuperCabby plays the drums

And Much more……………..


London Taxi Radio’s new format radio show. Hosted this week by SuperCabby, MacTheCab, TheHolbornCab & MickTheBrit, they share their views and opinions of the London Taxi Trade interspersed with music and Jingles.