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LEVC have today announced that the price of the TXe will rise by 2% in January and the launch offer of 3 years free servicing will end on the 31st December 2018


Information has come to light that the recent Lisson Grove Mob attacks have been reported incorrectly by the Metropolitan Police. They have been recording the attacks as thefts from vehicles.

In a letter to Karen Buck MP, Neil Reynolds Detective Inspector of the Gangs and Proactive Unit in Westminster stated that there were only 2 attacks in June, 2 in July, 4 in August and 0 in September, he does however go on to say there was a sharp rise in October.

Neil Reynolds also states that they have no record of the George Vyse attack!

The majority of these reports have not involved violence and are recorded as thefts, only two offences have been recorded as robberies where the victim were punched both of these occurred in October.

Having reviewed the offences many of these offences were not reported to the police at the time of the offence but have been reported 1-2 days later and have limited investigative opportunities through which to identify the suspects adding to the difficulty in prosecuting the offenders.

* remain cautious when transporting groups of young men around Edgeware Road and the Lisson Green area

* Keep front passenger door locked and window closed when transporting such groups

* Be weary of requests distracting you to the back of the cab e.g. seatbelt stuck or wheelchair ramp required

* Do not keep your valuables in view on the front passenger seat or consul area

* Always lock your cab and keep processions safe when exciting the vehicle

* Report crimes to police immediately and insure any CCTV footage is produced to the police at the earliest opportunity.

You can also see, detective Inspector Neil Reynolds isn’t very clued up about taxis… referring to front passenger seats which will only be found in minicabs not Taxis

If you are a victim of such an attack report it straight away, plus contact:

Scott Barden Marshall, the neighbourhood policing sergeant for the areas covered by, Abby Road, Lisson Grove, Church Street and Little Venice Maida Vale.

Scott is based at 80a Church Street NW8 8ET

And you can phone am9-5pm on; 0207 321 8505.

You can also contact Scott out of hours in his email address;


Earlier this week Sean Paul Day released a video of the LTDA Branch Agm, now if you are a LTDA member you may well like to have a watch of this video

You can find the video here


It is now just over 1 week until the 11th November and Poppy Cabs.

If you do not know what Poppy Cabs is, it is where Taxi drivers assist War Veterans from all of the mainline train stations, the Victory Services Club, Union Jack Club and Victoria Coach Station for free.

You can get involved by turning up at any of these locations at 8:00am and follow the directions of the Marshal’s.

And then from 12:30 rank up on Westminster Bridge for the return journey’s.

Poppy Cabs is run by Mike Hughs and you can contact him on Twitter @poppycabs or via email


The next Cab Chat Pie & Mash Club meet is on Wednesday 14th November at Cockneys in Portobello Road at 2pm, all are welcome to come along and meet the team and enjoy some traditional London Fayre.


Tel: 07784 161656

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