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Cab Chat Radio Show E166 23-04-2018

Cab Chat Radio Show E166 23-04-2018

   Cab Chat Radio Show E166 Hosted this week by: @SuperCabby & DropKick Rick Issues discussed this week: * Smoking e-cigarette while driving can land you with a £2,500 fine and a driving...

Cab Chat Radio Show E160 12-03-2018

Items discussed this week: Tim Fenton blows the roof off TFL Rachel Whetstone leaves Uber abruptly Harrow Taxi driver stabbing, Police looking for two attackers Uber are seeking a $900m loan following record annual loses Keep those doors locked Passenger robbed in the...

Cab Chat Radio Show E159 05-03-2018

   Hosted this week by: @SuperCabby & @Iamcabman   Issues discussed this week:   Do you think the LTDA is right in calling for rate 3 to be scrapped? How much would you accept to surrender your license? KFC run out of Chicken and the Country goes into meltdown! 14...

Cab Chat Radio Show E158 19-02-2018

Cab Chat Radio Show E158 10-02-2018 Hosted this week by: @Supercabby & @MacTheCab Issues discussed this week: Mac The Cab visits the Doctors Mac The Cabs return to French France Stories from the back of the cab Uber drivers insurance Rob Cardwell's Periscope chats and...

Cab Chat Radio Show E157 15-02-2018

  Hosted this week by @SuperCabby & @MacTheCab   Issues Discussed this week:   Lebanese Uber driver sentenced to death for rape and murder of British Diplomat Grange Hill TV Show 40th Anniversary The rise of the Micro Pub and demise of the traditional British Pub TFL...

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